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    Hydraulic Presses

    We manufacture several varieties of 20-ton hydraulic jewelry presses. Whether you're looking for a press frame by itself, or an electric press for faster production, you're sure to find a press to suit your needs.

    Features of the 20 ton Electric Hydraulic Press

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    Hydraulic Press Guard

    Place this base under your spacers, and then open and close the cover as needed to add another degree of safety to your press. Base: 6-1/4 x 6" Cover: 6 x 6" 1/4" thick

    20 Ton Hydraulic Jewelry Press - Ships from Europe

    20 ton Hydraulic Jewelry Press made in Paris, ships from Paris, France. Save on import taxes and fees from U.S. Contact Benjamin Reinhold for price & shipping.  [email protected]  or contact via Facebook Benny Reinhold Blue or pink available.

    20 Ton Standard Jewelry Press (with Jack)

    Domestic shipping included (up to $225) and $300 gift card for pancake dies, silhouette dies, impression dies, and texture plates Ships freight, fully assembled to your door. No assembly required.  Includes frame, hose, gauge, jack, Domestic shipping included (up to $225 standard fee) Does not work in conjunction with Lucky Dog promotion. Comes with urethane pieces, 2 spacers, and a $300 credit to your Potter USA account for pancake dies, silhouette dies, impression dies, and texture plates (only applicable to future purchases).

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    LAYAWAY Press Payment $100

    Layaway for our presses. We are not able to hold a particular color for you. No deadline for payment. Pay at your leisure. Use this option to make a $100 payment. To make several payments at once, adjust the number of this item in your shopping cart.

    20 Ton Electric Hydraulic Press

    This system consists of a 20 ton electric hydraulic pump and cylinder. This allows for faster cycling. No more hand pumping the jack! Great for those who are looking to increase their productivity or are just tired of pumping a jack. Free freight shipping up to $225 (standard cost). Any additional fees - delivery to rural area, busy city fee, indoor delivery or other additional fees will be invoiced to you.

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    20 ton Standard Jewelry Press - No Jack

    This press does NOT include the hydraulic jack or pressure gauge. Outer Dimensions: 23 inches high x 16.5 inches wide x 7 inches long. Lower platen working area is 6" x 8".

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