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    0 Cranston Fancy Wire Company

    In 2018, Kevin and Vincent Potter travelled to Providence, RI in search of antique jewelry dies, and found the Cranston Fancy Wire Company. The company was with its second owner, who had to close the business. The Potters arrived at the perfect time to purchase the company. It had been running patterned wire and sheet in gold, silver and other base metals since 1867.

    To keep the antique patterns in circulation, Potter USA bought the company and the Cranston Fancy Wire Co. is now ongoing. The co...

    1 Hidden Histories: Peter DiCristofaro and the Providence Jewelry Museum

    If the history of American jewelry making rests upon anyone’s shoulders, it is Peter DiCristofaro’s.

    As curator and caretaker of the Providence Jewelry Museum in Rhode Island, the first museum in the country to chronicle the history of American jewelry, DiCristofaro is responsible for the largest archive of jewelry and jewelry making tools in the world.

    DiCristofaro has fifty years of experience in the business. His experience includes, apprenticing under his uncle Andrea Salvadore, helping Ti...

    0 The Life and Death of the Frank Morrow Company

    Only a spare few metalworking companies survived the epic decline of the industry between the late 20th century to early 21st century.

                The epitome of historic American toolmaking giants, the Frank Morrow Company, stood the test of time. Known for its impressively ornate decorative metals, the Frank Morrow Company was the last operation in the U.S. to offer patterned banding in massive quantities. It thrived in the tumultuous 20th century, survived through the more recent sways of th...