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    Pancake Die 1577 Scalloped Snowflake

    Design: 1-7/8" (47.5mm) diameter. Die itself: 6" x 3-5/8". Corresponds with RMP189, Frosted Snowflakes.
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    1-7/8" (47.5mm) diameter.
    Corresponds with RMP189, Frosted Snowflakes.

    1-7/8" (47.5mm) diameter.
    Corresponds with RMP189, Frosted Snowflakes.

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    Design Size: approximately 1-25/32" x 1-25/32" each Designed for use in a rolling mill. Coordinates with PD 1577

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    The High-production Die Shoe features a large well in the base to allow for cut blanks to fall out of the bottom of the assembly. NOTE: This High-production Die Shoe base is more delicate than the Standard Die Shoe base and is more prone to damage when over-pressed. Please read ALL instructions before use to learn how to avoid over-pressing. The max gauge for use with the High-production Die Shoe that we recommend is 16 gauge. Standard Die Shoe OR High-production Die Shoe REQUIRED FOR ALL FSS DIE SETS (available separately)! Base is interchangeable with different FSS Die Sets. Interchangeable FSS High-production Die Shoe Includes: Base with two sizes of pins to maintain correct indexing and assembly and large center hole to assist with metal alignment and for collecting and removing cut blanks. Aluminum Pusher Plate with two oversized holes Two springs to place between the top and bottom of the Die Sets (Die Sets available separately) Watch Kevin demonstrate how to use this die:

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