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    Synclastic Forming Pliers 3/8"

    Synclastic Pliers 3/8" These pliers will form synclastic shapes like bracelets, bangle bracelets, hoop earrings and any other form that requires a concave surface. They are very easy to use. The 3/8 forms deep syclastic forms, 1/2 and 3/4 will do simlar forms but with less curve. Can be used with copper, silver, gold, brass, even stainless is possible. Aluminum works fine as well.

    Double Cylinder Bracelet Bending Pliers 5/8"D and 1"D

    Double Cylinder Bracelet Bending Pliers with Two different sized cylinders: 5/8" diameter and 1" diameter.

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    Pancake Die R1197 Triangle Ring

    $24.40 $30.50
    7/8" H (at highest point) x 3 3/8" W Narrowest point is 1/8"

    Pancake Die R1186 Oval Ring Band

    $24.40 $30.50
    Ring is 3 inches wide (long) x .25" thick band with oval section is 1" thick.

    Pancake Die R702A Cigar Ring Band

    $24.40 $30.50
    Pancake Die 702A Cigar Ring Band 2 1/2" long x 5/8" wide

    Pancake Die R1189 Ring Shank Round Top

    $24.40 $30.50
    This die is to make a ring shank that then has a 16mm circle opening to place a stone and bezel. At longest tips it is 3 1/8". Skinniest point is 1/4" H, and tallest points (at ends) is 1 1/4" High.