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    20 Ton Electric Hydraulic Press

    This system consists of a 20 ton electric hydraulic pump and cylinder. This allows for faster cycling. No more hand pumping the jack! Great for those who are looking to increase their productivity or are just tired of pumping a jack. Freight shipping up to $250. Any additional fees - delivery to rural area, busy city fee, indoor delivery or other additional fees will be invoiced to you. **ANY INVOICES FOR ADDITONAL FREIGHT SHIPPING WILL BE SENT THE DAY OF SHIPMENT.**

    20 ton jack with gauge

    Due to supply-chain issues, we have not been able to get hydraulic jacks with the gauge port. We do have hydraulic jacks in stock but they will not have gauges installed as they do not have a gauge port to install a gauge. 20 ton jack with gauge and hose with attachments. This is a standard height, Norco (made in Japan) Jack to be used with our standard 20 ton hydraulic press. This jack will also fit the Bonny Doon press. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING WILL COST MORE. Contact us for information.

    Out of stock

    20 Ton Hydraulic Jewelry Press - Ships from Europe

    20 ton Hydraulic Jewelry Press made in Paris, ships from Paris, France. Save on import taxes and fees from U.S. Contact Benjamin Reinhold for price & shipping. or contact via Facebook Benny Reinhold Blue or pink available.

    In stock

    Aluminum Spacer

    $27.80 $34.75
    This spacer is 4.5'' x 8'' and 1'' thick. Non magnetic Spacers are used in the press to lessen the amount of effort needed to extend the jack and activate the items being used in the press. Top and bottom platens are not meant to touch - it will cause the jack to overextend and cause leaking, or for jack to fail. Always use spacers on lower platen to take up space between platens.


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