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    Half-Round Cable 1ft Copper Wire CFW043

    1/4" x 1' Copper Wire
    SKU: CFW043

    1/4" x 1' Copper Wire

    1/4" x 1' Copper Wire

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    Floral Victorian Trim 1 1ft Length CFW011

    3/4" Wide x 1' Length. This pattern unlike many in the collection actually bends the copper somewhat which creates several defined ridges. The pattern was made in the 1940s.

    Scenic Route 1ft Copper Strip CFW015

    Sold in 1ft lengths 3/4" Wide. This pattern from the Frank Morrow company was designed in the 1930s featuring a simplistic floral design along the edges and a blank space in the middle.

    Pancake Die 664 Diamond

    Diamond pancake dieĀ  1.5 inches long, .75 wide

    Pancake Die 727 Small Squared Teardrop

    Pancake Die 727 Medium Squared Teardrop 1 1/4" x 1/2"

    Out of stock

    Pancake Die 1082.2 Small Arabesque 2

    This die must be used in a hydraulic press This die measures 13/16" tall x 1/2" wide