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    Impression Die Coiled Flourish

    3/8" x 15/16"
    SKU: JT065
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    3/8" x 15/16"

    3/8" x 15/16"

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    Bug Body Impression Plate

    This bug plate has 4 bug bodies. THESE WORK GREAT WITH OUR BAIL PANCAKE DIES FOR WINGS From left to right Bug 1 - 1/8" x  3/8" Bug 2- 1/4"  x  5/8" Bug 3- 1/16"  x  3/8" Bug 4- 1/8"  x  5/16"

    Impression Die Twisted Link

    This die measures 5/16" wide x 3/4" long This die must be used in a hydraulic press.

    Impression Die Wheat Ring

    This wheat pattern impression die is 2.5 inches (actual pattern) long. The pattern is 3/16th wide. Can be used with a mallet or in the hydraulic press.

    Shot Plate Die Tiny Heart

    3/16 wide x 3/16. Shot plate can be used with silver shot, or metal sheet and a hammer.

    Shot Plate Forget Me Not Flower Set

    This is a set of 4 shot plates Top Left: 1/4" round Bottom Left: 3/8" round Top Right: 1/2" round Bottom Right: 1/8" round