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    Pancake Die 1042.1 Bulb Ornament

    This die measures 2 7/8"" wide  X  3" tall
    SKU: 1042.1 Bulb
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    This die measures 2 7/8"" wide  X  3" tall

    This die measures 2 7/8"" wide  X  3" tall

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    Pancake Die 1041.1 Light Ornament (Old Stock)

    This die measures 1 1/8" wide  X  2 7/8" tall When cut and placed right side up.

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    18 Gauge Fine Silver Sheet

    18 gauge Fine Silver Sheet, 1 oz.   2" x 2" Measurements are approximate. Metal type: Fine silver Karat/purity: 999 Hardness: Fully hardGauge/thickness: 18 ga. Form: Sheet

    Pancake Die 959.1 Large Star

    Just under 2 inches at 15/16 inches in all directions.

    Pancake Die 834 Six Sided Mandala

    This die measures 1" around

    Out of stock

    Urethane Pieces

    Bag of 10 pieces of urethane for use with impression dies. 95 durometer sheet. Pieces range from approximately 1/2 inch to 1 inch in length. Thickness of each piece is 1/4 inch.  Note: These will fray, crack and deform with use, but you will get many uses from them.