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    Site Status and Technical Updates

    Welcome to our new web site!  Our old website had served us faithfully for many, many years.  But, change is inevitable.  Like many things that are young there is a bit of teething going on.  We are actively working on the issues and will get things squared away as quickly as possible. 

    Right now we are working on:

    • (11/26/18) Working on search engine improvements. 

    What we have fixed:

    • (11/25/18) Introduced new discounting rules to support holiday promotions.
    • (11/23/18) Cart performance was increased by 10x or more.  Response times on cart is mostly down below 2 seconds.
    • (11/17/18) Wish lists are now back up and available.  The performance problem with them is largely resolved.
    • (11/10/18) Sluggish and poor performance of the site.
    • (11/10/18) After investigation, it appears that the performance problem is with displaying wishlists.  So, that function has been disabled for now.  We will be working on getting wishlists back, but with better performance.
    • (11/10/18) Email delivery was spotty for some customers.  We have asked our email vendor to change our configuration and that seems to have helped.  If you need to reset your password, go ahead and give it a try now. 


    Potter USA Technical Team