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    Impression Die Aster Flower Link

    Design: 11/16" x 3/8"
    SKU: PT-L174
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    Available until: 9/19/2022 7:00 AM UTC
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    Design: 11/16" x 3/8"

    Design: 11/16" x 3/8"

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    Impression Die Bail Block Group 2

    This group of four impression dies are perfect for making a variety of bails, toggle bars, and/or links. A: Double Diamond Bail (BR-L206), ~11/16" x 1/8" (17.5 x 3.1mm). B: Swirling Vines Bail (LS-L207), ~1-1/32" x 5/32" (26 x 4.2mm). C: Simple Swirl Bail (LS-L208), 11/16" x ~1/8" (17 x 3.2mm). D: Crown Flare Bail (LS-L209), 11/16" x ~1/8" (17.4 x 3.3mm).