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    All items in the clearance section are being discontinued. Get them before they are gone!
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    CLEARANCE Nordic Folk Art Flowers Box - May 2019

    Last chance to get the May 2019 box! This box is inspired by Nordic folk art. These are left over boxes from the initial order and once they're gone, they're never coming back. Features: a bloom button impression die, a floral trio pattern plate, and folk art flower pancake die.

    CLEARANCE Maritime Box - January 2020

    Last chance to get a hold of the January 2020 box! These are left over boxes from the initial order and once they're gone, they're never coming back. Features: A sail boat pancake die, a choppy waves pattern plate, and an anchor impression die.

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 1389 Awareness Ribbon

    $22.00 $27.50
    1" x 11/16"

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 1092.2 Small Club

    $22.00 $27.50
    1/2" x 1/2"

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die R127C Small Spoon Handle

    $22.00 $27.50
    1 5/16"W x 3/8"H

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 1365 Scalloped Drop

    $22.00 $27.50
    1/2"H x 1"W or 13mm x 25.5mm

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die R121 Double Wings Ring

    $24.40 $30.50
    Design: 2-5/8"L x 1/2" H

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 1361A Baby Foot

    $22.00 $27.50
    Design: 1-1/4"H x 3/4"W This little baby foot is cute and you can count all the toes.

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 1360 Baby Onesie

    $22.00 $27.50
    Design: 1"H x 7/8"W This baby onesie is made be an ornament. Make a piece for baby's first Christmas.

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 714B Mini Trillion

    $22.00 $27.50
    1/4"H x 1/4"W

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 1345A Lg Flat Heart

    $22.00 $27.50
    1-9/16"H x 1-3/4"W or 39.7mm x 44.5mm

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 1345 Sm Flat Heart

    $22.00 $27.50
    3/4"H x 7/8"W or 19mm x 22mm

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 1209A Mini Butterfly Wing

    $22.00 $27.50
    5/16"H x 7/16"W or 8mm x 11mm

    LAST CALL! Small Thumbs Up Pancake Die 1316A

    $22.00 $27.50
    13/16"W x 11/16"H (20.5mm x 17.5mm)

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die Large Flag 1336

    $22.00 $27.50
    1" x 1-3/16"

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 1336A Small Flag

    $22.00 $27.50
    1/2" x 3/8"

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 590A Mini Spear

    $22.00 $27.50
    This die must be used in a hydraulic press. This die measures: 3/8"W x 3/16"H (9.5mm x 4.8mm)

    LAST CALL! Magic Mirror Pancake Die 1323

    $22.00 $27.50
    Design: 1" H x 1-13/16" W Die: 4-5/16" H x 3-5/16" W

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 1305 Bass Clef

    Die: 2-3/4"W x 4-1/8"H Design: 15/16"W x 1"H

    LAST CALL! Small Camper Pancake Die 1307A

    $22.00 $27.50
    Camper: 3/4" T x 1" W

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 1307 Large Camper

    $22.00 $27.50
    Camper: 1" T x 1-5/16" W

    LAST CALL! Thumbs Up Pancake die N-1316

    $22.00 $27.50
    Design: 1-1/4" T (wrist to knuckles) x 1-5/8" W (thumb to outer edge of palm)

    Pancake Die 1315 Kevin's Overalls (Old Stock)

    2-1/2" x 1-3/8"

    LAST CALL! Pancake Die 1198C Mini Corn Maiden

    $22.00 $27.50
    You asked for small pancake dies, and we listened! Design: 1" wide

    Impression Die 3 for $55 Mystery Grab Bag

    We make a lot of copies of Impression Dies, sometimes pressing can go wrong and aren't perfect. They're still useful dies however we can't exactly send them to the buyer. So here's you chance to get a few impression dies at a great rate. All grab bag dies are stamped with a "7" on the front of the die to prevent reselling at full price. ** NO PICKING, NO EXCHANGES, NO RETURNS- SOLD AS IS. Grab bag.

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