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    Impression Die Shall-Owl

    1" x 1/2" or 25mm x 13mm
    SKU: CL108
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    1" x 1/2" or 25mm x 13mm

    1" x 1/2" or 25mm x 13mm

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    6 x 8 Aluminum Spacer

    This spacer is 6''  x  8''  and 1'' thick. Non magnetic Spacers are used in the press to lessen the amount of effort needed to extend the jack and activate the items being used in the press. Top and bottom platens are not meant to touch - it will cause the jack to overextend and cause leaking, or for jack to fail. Always use metal pieces on lower platen to take up space between platens.

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    Frank Morrow Pattern A 1ft Copper Wire CFW031

    1ft x 3/4"

    Impression Die The Owl Ring of Wisdom

    $36.00 $48.00
    1/2" x 2 1/2" or 13mm x 64mm Ring with three owls perched on a branch.

    Budding Cord 1ft Copper Strip CFW029

    12" x 13/16"

    Out of stock

    Baroque 1ft Copper Wire CFW030

    3/4" x 12"