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    Impression Die Simple Band

    3/16" x 2 7/16" or 5mm x 62mm
    SKU: RI121
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    3/16" x 2 7/16" or 5mm x 62mm

    3/16" x 2 7/16" or 5mm x 62mm

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    Urethane Pieces

    $5.60 $7.00
    Bag of 10 pieces of urethane for use with impression dies. 95 durometer sheet. Pieces range from approximately 1/2 inch to 1 inch in length. Thickness of each piece is 1/4 inch.  Note: These will fray, crack and deform with use, but you will get many uses from them.

    Wire Die Pusher

    Properly heat treated hi carbon steel. For use in Stamp Border Holder to push wire into certain ring impression dies.

    2 Inch Urethane - 95 Durometer

    $21.00 $26.25
    2 inch diameter x 1 inch thick urethane, 95 durometer. Can be used with or without a container. If over-squeezed without a container, it will crack. COLOR WILL VARY.

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    Impression Die Heart Ring Band

    This die must be used in a hydraulic press. This die measures 2" long x 1/4" wide

    Impression Die Ring Top 65

    This stamping measures 7/16" wide  X   13/16"