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    Impression Die Baseball Batter

    1 1/8 H x 3/4"W or 28.5mm x 19mm
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    1 1/8 H x 3/4"W or 28.5mm x 19mm

    1 1/8 H x 3/4"W or 28.5mm x 19mm

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    FUNDRAISER PRE-ORDER: Frank Morrow 12" Copper Strip E

    12" Copper Strip Made with a roll from our latest acquisition of the Frank Morrow Company. Robert Morrow and his late father, Frank, and their family built one of the largest roll die companies in America 90 years ago. This represents the end of the original company that began production in 1929, and ceased production in 2019. All funds raised for this fundraiser goes to purchasing the hand-carved master rolls and tools to create wire and strip for all of you. Everything else in the 240-thousand sq.ft. space is headed to the scrapyard or an invite-only auction.

    Impression Die Baseball

    This die must be used in a hydraulic press. This die measures 1" wide  x  5/8" tall

    Shot Plate Butterfly Charm

    This die measures 1/4 " wide  X  1/4" tall

    18 Gauge Fine Silver Sheet

    18 gauge Fine Silver Sheet, 1 oz.   2" x 2" Measurements are approximate. Metal type: Fine silver Karat/purity: 999 Hardness: Fully hardGauge/thickness: 18 ga. Form: Sheet